English for International Assignees

English for International Assignees

Do you want happy and productive foreign assignees?

I know from experience that arriving to work in a foreign country can be daunting, even if you think you speak the language. The assignee may find that his English is not as good as he thought it was when working alongside native English speakers. Added to that, if he has brought his family with him, their welfare [if their English is limited] is an added layer of worry which may affect his work negatively. If his family are not happy or feel isolated in their new circumstances, he won’t be happy either and will be less productive.

The solution? English language tuition for the international assignee and/or his family. An experienced graduate-level native-speaker teacher of English visits your company premises to provide tuition on a one-to-one basis for the assignee, or can provide tuition at the assignee’s home, for the spouse or children.



Tuition geared to the assignee’s work and life situation Happier and more productive assignees
Tuition at your premises or the assignee’s home Saving the cost and time of travelling to lessons
Lessons at times to suit the student Minimum disruption to your schedule
No fixed schedule, fixed-term commitment or up-front payment Saving you wasted money if the learner’s or the company’s plans change
Free lesson cancellation at 24 hours’ notice More flexible than other providers
Assistance with minor relocation issues Fills the gap between HR and relocation agent
Free initial consultation and assessment (no obligation to proceed) Giving you the advice you need to make the right decision


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English Language Tuition for International Assignees