Interpreting Services

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting sets the standard for the profession. Bi-Lingua has been a Corporate Member since 1993. This underlines our commitment to:

  • High quality work
  • Ethical business practice

Interpreting takes place in a variety of situations and in many different settings. Examples of  assignments we’ve done are:

  • A tri-lingual conference for a local authority
  • Meetings between doctors and patients
  • A guided tour of a pig farm [outside in arctic weather!].
  • Meetings between local businesses and foreign clients
  • Telephone calls to people in foreign countries
  • A 5-day tour of academic institutions for a group of Russian scientists

But in general, no two assignments are the same and we never know what we’ll be asked for next. So we take care to appoint the right interpreter and to ensure both you and the interpreter are prepared for the assignment. Especially useful if you’ve never used an interpreter before.

Good interpreters get booked up, so if you have an assignment coming up, it’s best to consult us as far in advance as possible.

For free, no -obligation advice please fill in the form below,
or ring us on 023 80 262174 to discuss your project.

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