Translation (into English or from English)

Document Translation

(Into English or from English)

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting sets the standard for the profession. Bi-Lingua has been a Corporate Member since 1993. This underlines our commitment to

  • High-quality work by high-quality translators, properly co-ordinated and monitored
  • Ethical business practice

Translation into English

“My worry is, I don’t know if I need it translated.”

We understand, so if you’re not familiar with the foreign language, we’ll tell you what kind of document it is when we quote. You may then decide you have no need to have it translated. And if it’s a big document we can translate just the contents page first, so you can decide what’s important to you. Or if it mentions a deadline for you to respond, we’ll notify you before we start translating it.

With Bi-Lingua, there’s no danger of wasting your money.

Translation into a foreign language

“My worry is, I won’t know if you’ve got it right!”

That’s why we double-check our translations before issuing them. And why we only appoint translators who are native speakers of the target language. And why we may also consult third party experts [including you in some cases] for advice. We even check your English original before we start, to see if there are any obscurities which could lead to mistranslation. But please note, all this takes time and we won’t accept a translation assignment if we feel you haven’t given us enough time to get it right.

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Document Translation