About Bi-Lingua

Bi-Lingua is a language training and translation consultancy, established since 1985.

I would describe us as ‘a small organisation with big capabilities’. We have been providing language training to internationally-known companies since back in the last century – keeping our clients in the face of competition from much bigger providers, We don’t advertise (except here on this website) but rely mainly on repeat business.

Language training is our main business, and although based in Hampshire we are perfectly capable of running courses elsewhere – we are currently operating in London and Bristol as well as here in Hampshire.

We differ from competitors in that (apart from one or two people who will answer your phone enquiry in the first instance) we are all language specialists (teachers or translators). We have no accountants or salesmen, so more of your money finds its way to the people who do the actual work, enabling us to afford the best. And their work is managed by someone who is himself an experienced language teacher and translator.

An important aspect of our service is our philosophy that ‘everyone who consults Bi-Lingua should benefit in some way – even if they buy nothing’. This could mean:

  • Advising your HR department on planning your language training strategy. In fact we regard ourselves as “the HR specialist’s friend”, advising you free of charge and then providing language training that will be a success and enhance your reputation within your company
  • If you offer us a translation assignment which for one reason or another is beyond our capability, we will see to it that you know where to turn.
  • If the source document which you want translated contains mistakes of English, we will advise you, free of charge, before it goes to the translator (or rather, before it confuses the translator!)
  • If you bring us a document in a foreign language which you can’t understand, we will tell you what’s in it, is allowing you to decide whether you need it all translated;
  • Prospective job applicants who don’t have the necessary qualifications or experience will be advised where to go to get them. We have even advised some less experienced translators to put their prices up in order to be taken seriously!
  • If you need an interpreter but have never used one before, we will talk you through what is involved, before you buy.

We are able to do these things because we have in-depth experience of the languages market gained from 30 years in business.

Chris Harris

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